• The Ponds of Acton Park

    The ponds of Acton Park are situated just behind the Japanese Garden and provide a habitat for some fascinating creatures. There are 2 ponds – the upper and the lower. Water ‘feeds’ the ponds through the upper pond through 2 inlets fed from rainwater drainage from the surrounding parkland. The lower pond is subsequently fed from the upper over a small ford which is stepped to allow the flow of water. Overflow water from the bottom pond flows through a drain to the main Lake.

    The creatures of the ponds and the lake are amazing and beautiful. The ecosystem is very delicate and great care is taken to maintain and indeed improve the water quality.

    A Report was commissioned in November 2010 by ‘Pond Conservation‘ in conjunction with a former Park Ranger – Rachel Davies.

    Some of our beautiful creatures are shown below. Just click on the images for a larger view.