• Minutes

    Friends of Acton Park

    Minutes of meeting held on 22 May 2019 –  Cunliffe Arms

    Present:  Christine Cribbin (CC) Chair, Helen Wood (HW) Vice chair, David Dixon (DD) Treasurer,

    Gill Pritchard (GP) Secretary, Eileen Evans, Mac Roberts, Irving Price

    Meeting started: CC welcomed everybody to the meeting.

    Apologies: Mona Edwards, Eryl Jones, Liz Carding

    Matters Arising:

    • WCBC has recently replaced seating in the town centre – Liz has looked into the possibility of discarded seating being used in the park but has had no response from the council.
    • The suggestion of ‘distance markers’ being installed in the park – apparently this would not be useful as most runners use their own equipment.
    • The Friends group intends to buy another picnic table which will be sited at a point between the play area and the old rose garden. As we must now buy directly from the council we are waiting for our order to be confirmed.
    • Acton Forest School have visited the park and planted wildflower seeds and shrubs. They will be visiting again this summer and we have received positive feedback. Their visit was facilitated by Friends group member Mac Roberts.
    • Irving will contact schools to see if there is interest in an ‘introduction to bowling’ session.
    • Annual ranger Heather will begin work on 27 May until 8 September.
    • Local Brownies are coming for a visit on 17 June.
    • As a thank you for storing our equipment we have made a donation to the bowling club.

    Treasurer’s Report:

    • David gave an update on our current situation. Figures available on request.

    Wildlife Report:

    • Next wildlife report to go no notice boards at end of June

    Bowling Club:

    • Twelve teams this year. Season going will so far.

    Park Issues:

    • Wildflower beds at Tapley car park will be seeded by the group this week.
    • A fallen lilac tree has been removed.

    Next meeting: September 18