• Gardening and tidy up days.

    The Friends of Acton Park meet each month, usually on a Thursday to do a little gentle gardening from planting bulbs and plants to some pruning of the shrubs and trees.  Local schools join us every other month to help with a general tidy up of the park.  Please come and join us if you can – we provide the tools and much needed refreshments, with biscuits (!) – just bring some gloves and strong footwear.  We always meet at 10:00 am for a couple of hours at the bowling green pavilion, behind the Cunliffe pub, on Jeffreys Road. We’d love to see you!

    Dates for the gardening and clean up days for 2019.

    12 February 2019, 12 March 2019, 9 April 2019, 14 May 2019, 18 June 2019,

    16 July 2019, 13 August 2019, 10 September 2019, 8 October 2019, 12 November 2019

    Due to print restrictions in the WCBC activity booklet only alternative dates will be published as Community days i.e. March, May, July, September and November but in theory will be volunteer days.

    Keep visiting the web site – we’ll remind you of the days on the front page.




    Gardening and School Day – 15 March 2012


    The ‘Friends’ – ready for action!

    The Friends of Acton Park met on Thursday 15 March at 10:00 for their regular gardening session. The task today was to clear an area of dead and decaying laurel bushes just below the old rose garden in preparation for the new project of regeneration of the area. Within two hours the cut and chopped branches lay ready for council collection!

    The area itself now, some may say, looks bare and untidy. However, once the tidy up has been completed, dead branches and roots removed, new shrubs and plants will replace the old ones. The new plants, we hope, will be of the type to encourage birds and insects and improve the general ‘look’ of the area.

    The work was carried out under the supervision of Parks Manager Richard Aram. The majority of the cut branches and dead laurel bushes were removed by the council for composting the following Monday morning.

    School Day

    Over 50 children from Acton Park Primary School, aged 7 and 8, along with their teachers joined the Friends last Thursday for their regular visit to the park. Half the children, with their teachers, joined Mac Roberts for the first hour for a nature walk. Along the way they learned about how to age trees, some of which are over 200 years old, discovered how seeds are spread by birds and squirrels and about the general diversity of wildlife that live in the park.

    Whilst the first group were enjoying their nature walk the rest of the children spent their time litter picking and helping with a general tidy-up.

    At ‘half-time’ much needed drinks and biscuits were served to all the helpers under the new gazebo.
    For the second hour the children swapped – those who litter picked did the nature walk and those who did the nature walk litter picked!

    Everyone, children, teachers and friends had a great time and all ‘departed’ at midday for a well deserved lunch.

    The Friends of Acton Park would like to thank the teachers and children of Acton Park Primary school for their help and all those volunteers who gave up their time for a very worthwhile morning – we hope you all enjoyed it.

    The Friends of Acton Park