• Friends of Acton Park

    Minutes of meeting held on 12 April 2017

    Cunliffe Arms

    Present: Richard Aram WCBC (RA), Christine Cribbin (CC) Chair,
    Gill Pritchard (GP) Secretary, David Dixon (Treasurer), Pat Roberts, Eileen Evans, Mac Roberts, Eryl Jones, Nick Stott, Will Nelson, Marina Tietzsch-Tyler

    Meeting started: 19:05, CC welcomed everybody to the meeting.

    Apologies: None

    Matters Arising:

    The new notice board has been sited near to the bowling green. Many thanks to Mac Roberts for making this lovely board.

    We have had a special work day in order to create a new wildflower garden beside the Tapley Ave car park (see website and notice boards for more info). Thanks to Acton Community Council for £250 which enabled us to buy seeds for this project.

    The idea of wildlife and wildflower interpretation boards has had to be postponed: ready made ones are not suitable as they are not bilingual. Bespoke boards would be too expensive.

    Treasurer’s Report:

    David gave a report. There will now be a small petty cash account held by the chairperson.

    Wildlife Report:

    A summary of the current wildlife report was read to the meeting.

    This will be available to view on our notice boards and website.

    Bowling Club:

    ;Eryl reported that the club has made a good start this season.

    The club failed to get the grant for a watering system.

    Park Issues:

    Our main project for 2017 was the creation of a wildflower area – this is now completed.

    We will now concentrate on maintaining the park and information boards.

    Report from Richard Aram, Park Manager:

    The next Green Flag judging will be in May.

    Thanks to all those who helped with the wildflower planting: the grass cutters have been asked to avoid cutting this area.

    Barley straw has been provided to the anglers in an attempt to combat the algae that develops in the lake.

    Eleven new trees have been planted around the park.

    The seasonal ranger will start work in the park in May.


    The current problem with overflowing bins in the park was discussed: as the regular litter picker is unwell CC will contact WCBC to ask if a temporary replacement is to be appointed.

    Councillor Geoff Lowe has contacted the group following a complaint about the amount of bread being thrown on the lake. It was decided to that the new ranger will host an event addressing this problem rather than attempt an outright ban on feeding the lake birds as this is a popular activity for youngsters visiting the park. Information about alternatives to bread is on the lakeside notice board.

    Ali Roberts, Tesco Community Champion, will be providing us with extra eggs for our Easter Egg Trail.

    Next Meeting: July 12, 2017