• Minutes of meeting held on 17 October 2018 

    Cunliffe bowling club pavilion 

    Present:  Chris Cribbin, Chair, Gill Pritchard, Secretary, David Dixon, Treasurer, Eileen Evans, Helen Wood, Tommy Griffiths, Jim and Joan Clays, Lindsy Bryan.       



    Meeting started: 1200 

    Welcome: CC welcomed everyone and explained that meetings will now be held following clean-up/gardening days. The minutes of previous meeting have been displayed on the park notice-boards and on website.

    Matter Arising:

    Lindsy will be our new WCBC representative and will work in the park one day each week. She intends to make cleaning the ponds a priority. She will also be working closely with the angling group.

    As the shrubs near the play area have been stolen, Lindsy has replaced these with stock items and the group has spent the morning planting these. Group member Eileen Evans has also donated items which have been planted today.

    Thank you to Phil Williams who has painted the notice boards and tables.

    Thank you also to Borras Co-0p who kindly provide refreshments to our volunteers on clean-up days.

    Bill (WCBC) will approach Tesco re sending work parties to help with larger park projects.

    Our tools are now being stored in the bowling pavilion – a big thanks to the Cunliffe Bowling Club.

    Treasurer’s Report:

    Current balance £1839.41 – anyone wishing to view a full breakdown, contact us online.

    Chris suggested that we discuss ways in which we can spend this money in order to enhance park facilities.

    Wildlife Report:

    Nature report will be posted on website and notice boards.

    Meeting closed.

    Next meeting: AGM 23 January 2019