• Friends of Acton Park

    Minutes of meeting held 18 January 2017

    Cunliffe Arms, Jeffreys Road

    Present: Richard Aram WCBC (RA), Christine Cribbin (CC) Chair, David Dixon (DD) Treasurer, Gill Pritchard (GP) Secretary, Mac Roberts, Pat Roberts, Eileen Evans, Eryl Jones, Marina Tietzsch-Tyler

    Meeting started: 1900

    Welcome: CC welcomed everybody to the meeting.

    Nominations/election of officers: Current officers willing to remain in post.  Nominated by Mac Roberts and passed unanimously. Existing committee happy to continue.

    Treasurer’s Report: Balance @ 31/12/2016 = £1660.81

    Wildlife Report:

    • Main points read by GP. Full report will be posted on website and notice boards.
    • There have been reports of a number of Mallard deaths; RA will look into this. The number of water birds are monitored monthly as part of the British Trust for Ornithology WeBS scheme and the recorder is only aware of one death which the RSPCA were informed of.
    • A number of park visitors have also raised concerns in regard to Avian Flu – all water bird deaths are reported to Defra if there are concerns such as this. There is no evidence that any birds have been affected.
    • If park visitors have concerns they should contact either Richard Aram or Defra – numbers displayed on notice boards.

    Review of the Year: CC read a yearly review – this can be seen on our website and notice boards. We are particularly proud that Acton Park now has full Green Flag status.

    CC thanked the volunteers for their hard work in preparing the park for judging.

    Bowling Club: The club are busy preparing for the new season. This year’s project is to install an automatic watering system.

    Projects for 2017:

    • Our attempts at the creation of a wildflower garden in the old rose garden area have been unsuccessful. RA suggested that a new wildflower area be planted around the car park areas. This will be discussed fully at our February volunteer day so that work can commence in March.
    • The notice board beside the Japanese garden is to be moved to a different and more accessible position. Mac is working on this.
    • The history board frame will be ‘stained’ and other info boards washed down ready for spring.
    • We are considering the purchase of a new information board which will focus on the habitat/wildlife/environment of the park. GP will research this.

    Matters Arising:

    • RA reported that work will begin next week in order to solve the water drainage problem near the Gorsedd stones.
    • The flagpole for our Green Flag will be erected next week.
    • Our Easter event will be held on the 13th April. Summer event will be 17th August.
    • Acton Community Council has once again approved funding for a seasonal ranger.
    • Four Turkey Oak trees are to be planted by the council. One will be a memorial tree paid for by Acton Community Council.
    • WCBC has now updated their website so that there are links to the Friends of Acton Park.


    Meeting closed: 20.00