• Minutes of AGM held on 23 January, 2019

    Cunliffe Arms 

    Present: Christine Cribbin, Chair, Gill Pritchard, Secretary, David Dixon, Treasurer, Liz Carding, WCBC, Mac Roberts, Helen Wood, Mona Edwards, Eileen Evans, Russell Roberts, Derek Edwards, Darren Picken, Eryl Jones, Irving Price 

    Welcome:  CC welcomed everyone to the meeting. 

    Apologies: Jim and Joan, Pat Roberts, Les Jones 

    Nominations/Election of Officers:

    Existing committee members agreed to continue in their current posts.  Proposed by Mac seconded by Helen.

    Helen Wood will now act as vice-chair to the group, proposed by Gill, seconded by Chris.

    Pat Roberts has resigned as committee member but will continue to support the group. Derek Edwards and Darren Picken have joined us as committee members. 

    Matters Arising: Proposed cuts by WCBC have gone ahead. 

    Treasurer’s Report: DD gave an overview of the group’s finances. To view report please email administrator@friendsofactonpark.co.uk 

    Year end report: Chris read out her year end report. This will be placed on park notice boards and the website. 

    Bowling Club:

    From next April the club must now pay for all utilities.

    Chris thanked the club for allowing us to store our tools at the pavilion free of charge – we will donate a raffle prize in lieu of making an annual donation. 

    Wildlife Report: This will be displayed on the notice-boards and available on the website. 

    Park Issues:

    Chris distributed the gardening dates for 2019. The Easter Egg Trail will be held on Thursday 18 April, seasonal ranger event to be arranged, Family Treausre Trail will be on 20 August..

    Helen confirmed that the Co-op are happy to continue providing refreshments for our volunteer days.

    The decision of how to spend money raised was continued – the possibility of ‘finger sign posts’ was again discussed and also the addition of more seating areas. Darren suggested that following the town centre refurbishment the ‘old’ seating may be available – Liz will enquire.

    Darren suggested trail/distance markers be placed around the park. Chris will contact Dewi to ask if he can help. Liz will contact local schools.

    Following an enquiry about Forrest School activities from Acton School it was decided that Helen and Mac would look into this as the school is keen to renew contact with the group.

    Gill asked who should be contacted re unsafe branches/trees in the park; Liz said she is happy to be informed of any problems and can then pass on info to the relevant department.

    Liz informed the group that the post of seasonal ranger has been approved and will soon be advertised.

    The angling club plan to renovate and improve the fishing pegs this spring.

    Following a recent spate of vandalism in the park during which a number of rubbish bins were set on fire it was decided that the burnt out bin will not be replaced as there are already a very large number of bins throughout the park.

    As a result of WCBC budget cuts there will no longer be an annual tree walk.


    Next meeting: Wednesday 22 May, 1pm at Cunliffe